Our company ZinSan Chain has been founded as a chain manufacturing factory in the year of 1985. During those years, chains were mainly developed and manufactured for agricultural purposes and especially for bovine livestock (such as livestock chains, cow chains, calf chains, cattle double chains, bull chains, goat chains, dog chains and tractor lifting chains/tow chains etc.) in our factory.

Today, we have been producing chains with our electronical bending and welding machines and developing our comprehensive delivery programs further. In the year of 2015, we have been adopted the international quality standard of ISO 9001:2015 as the basis of our production activities.

As from the year of 2010, we have been started manufacturing our chain products according to the world standards and our chain productions are being carried out in accordance with the standards of DIN 766 (tested calibrated chains), DIN EN 818 – 2, DIN 5685 and DIN 5686 (knotted chains). Our chain products are being manufactured in the world standards with the European chain production machines of upper class. Among these machines, there are automatic chain bending machines, automatic chain welding machines, automatic chain calibration machines and automatic chain testing machines. Main items in the range of our products are: American chains (chain with American type curved hook), fertilizer scraping chains, fertilizer distribution chains, swing chains, livestock chains (chains designed for ovine and bovine animals) and industrial chains. We have been manufacturing all of these chain products and accessories with 100% domestic production power within our company’s structure.

Our family company, ZinSan Chain Factory, is not only active in our homeland of Turkey, but also in the international markets. The first class products, manufactured in our factory, have been taking the deserved place also in the worlds markets and within this concept, we have exporting our products to many asian and european countries.

For more than 30 years, ZinSan Chain stands behind the quality and flexibility required for its specialization field. We hope that our products and customer services meet your expectations concerning quality.

Best regards from the most beautiful district of Izmir province.On behalf and in the name of ZinSan Chain Co. Ltd.

Zinsan Chain Factory